"I’m looking forward to a wonderful future with my newfound family." Tracy Shand, Australia

Tracy Shand was adopted when she was just 3 months old. At the age of 24, she connected with her biological mother and was able to learn about that side of her family, but when she asked about her birth father, her biological mother wouldn’t give her his name. “It was almost impossible to find him,” says Tracy.

She tested her DNA with another website, but it led her nowhere. “But I knew he was out there,” she says.

She uploaded her DNA information to MyHeritage, and discovered a 14% match—a first cousin. “This could be it.”

Bill Esman had never known he had fathered a child, but ever since a relationship ended with the sudden departure of the woman he was dating, he had wondered. “The possibility of having a daughter would have gone through my head quite a few times, and I wondered what it would be like,” he says.

When his niece told him that Tracy had contacted her and asked about men in the family who might have been her father, he knew straight away that she must be his. “There was no second thought about it,” he says.

He wrote her an email that started, “Hi from your father,” and a few days later they met in person. In November of 2018, Tracy took her family to meet him.

“I would have loved to have known more about her growing up,” says Bill. “She has got fantastic kids.”

“My children how have a grandfather,” says Tracy.

“I would encourage anyone who wants to find their biological parents to do whatever it takes to pursue it, and never give up,” Bill adds. “It can change your life.”

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  • Richard Warner

    July 23, 2019

    Super story. This moves me!

  • June Cavey

    July 31, 2019

    After 74yrs my Husband finally has found who his Birth father was and is now connected with his half brother and sisters from the fathers side.
    Many Thanks to Myheritage DNA this journey has been a long one as his Birth Mother that he found at the age of 50 was also adopted and her mother before her was adopted.
    We have solved most of it now,still a mystery as who Neville’s great grandfather was ?

  • Judy

    July 31, 2019

    I wish this was me , I know there is another side of a family , that I know nothing about . My mom passed off a guy that she had been married to and had my oldest brother , but I figured it out and they were divorced by the time I was conceived . I did muster up the courage to ask her before she died (at 95 ) and all she said was he came back to see her from time to time , well ok . Nothing more , that maybe she was seeing someone else ? I did the DNA , ancestry , 23and me and My Heritage , So much of it comes back to my mom side , then I get confused and just stop . Again so glad for this girl , she can look in the face of her father and smile and it’s done . Judy

  • Tamara Harris

    March 18, 2020

    I’m hoping to gain a connection with my maternal grandfather however, I have no name or lead other than he was Italian or half Italian and resided in the north of the uk in 1926. What is the likely hood of connecting with a link to him?

  • Diane Margrie-Sowden

    July 19, 2020

    I have just sent MH DNA off to be tested, I wonder what surprises are in store for me!!

    It is a birthday present for myself, and a reward for passing an exam.