"Now, my mom has a brother" Thomas Bjørnestad Pettersen, Norway

When Thomas Bjornestad Pettersen began to explore his family history on MyHeritage, his grandmother told him to stop digging into everything. He knew there must be something behind his grandmother’s secrecy.

One day, he came across a newspaper cut-out about his grandfather, featuring his grandfather’s full name, which he was finally able to add to his family tree on MyHeritage. This addition revealed an astonishing fact: his grandfather had had a son with another wife Thomas hadn’t known about. Thomas had an uncle.

Thomas’s mother had spent her an entire life believing she was an only child, and now Thomas was able to introduce her to her brother. Thomas’s mother is getting to know her brother, and the entire reunited family is making up for lost time. “MyHeritage is the reason we are together now,” said Thomas.

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