"We never thought we'd find each other"
Robin Adair Passey, Arizona

Robin never forgot the daughter she gave birth to at the age of 15. She’d counted the baby’s fingers and toes. The girl was perfect — and she never saw her again.

Becky wanted to find her birth mother from the time she discovered she’d been adopted. She wanted to know where she came from.

Becky was engaged when she took a MyHeritage DNA test, with her fiance’s support, to learn of her heritage.

Robin had her DNA tested a part of a family history project.

What a welcome surprise it was when Robin received a notification that she had a MyHeritage DNA Match — a 49.1% shared DNA match indicates a parent-child connection. She’d found her daughter.

Robin and Becky are currently writing a book together describing their journey and discovery.

Watch the joyous (and teary) reunion on May 4, just a few days before the most momentous Mother’s Day in both of their lives.

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