"I can't wait to share our lives together." Robert Marraro, Texas

Robert Marraro, from Corpus Christi, Texas never knew that he had a half-sister — that is until he got a DNA match on MyHeritage.

Wanting to know more about himself, Robert started looking into his family history and building his family tree. He later decided to get his DNA tested. After seeing ads for MyHeritage, he learned that he could upload his DNA results for free, so he did.

Virginia Hartman from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania also tested with another service and decided to upload her DNA data to MyHeritage. Having been adopted as a child, Virginia always wanted to know more about her roots and wished to locate her biological family.

Imagine Robert’s surprise when he received a DNA Match letting him know that he has a half-sister, and her name is Virginia! When he shared this discovery with his older siblings, Robert’s older sister revealed that she had actually known about the half-sister, but that their mother never brought it up.

Robert accepted Virginia right away as his sister, and the two have reconnected. They spoke on the phone multiple times, getting to know each other, and sharing their personal histories. They met for the first time in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in May 2018 where Robert was joined with his girlfriend Rebbeca Esparza.

Robert is over the moon about having Virginia in his life:

“Thanks, MyHeritage for helping me find out about a sister that I never knew I had. Welcome home Virginia Hartman! I am so blessed and grateful your 60-year search is partly over and can’t wait to share our lives together.”

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  • Mariellen Pearce

    July 17, 2018

    DNA for the family win. It is lovely to read about other family reunions. I did a DNA test with my husband as I am looking for an older brother who was adopted at birth in 1956 and hubby was just curious. My husband was amazed to find a new uncle via DNA match. His Uncle Ray only found out he was adopted at age 74 years after he did a DNA test to progress his search for his family tree. His 80 year old sister came clean and told him he was adopted and that she had been sworn secrecy. We emailed back and forth and had a couple of phone calls. I half a get together with Ray, his wife, son and adopted sister and his two living birth aunts (89 and 85 respectively), his half sister and brother and their partners. Ray and his half brother Peter looked like so alike and very like their Uncle Stan. The meeting was a resounding success and we have agreed that we will do this again in the school holidays to include cousins and his other half brothers as well as allowing us to meet his other son.

  • Ruby L Newsom

    November 28, 2018

    I decided to buy one test for my sister for Christmas 2018 and one test for myself. Dad said he was native Indian. I always wondered. Mom was born and raised in then Czechoslovokia. If anything tests will be interesting.

  • David J Reed Sr

    January 15, 2019

    I have been researching my family’s heritage in the hopes of finding more relatives and to verify our ethnic make up. I ordered my heritage DNA kit and sent it in recently. I’m excited to see what I’m comprised of and with whom.