"This is the happy ending to the story." Paul Hannon, Connecticut

Paul Hannon, a 58-year-old Navy veteran from Connecticut, grew up knowing he had a sibling somewhere. His mom had suffered a stroke during her pregnancy and wasn’t able to care for the baby as a result of her illness. Paul, although just six years old at the time, understood how painful the decision was. Out of respect for his mother, Paul never raised the subject again.

That baby, Richard Emery, is now a 51-year-old veteran of the Army reserves and the National Guard, living in Winchester, Virginia.

Richard grew up with an amazing adoptive family. Just a few years ago, however, he started to get more curious about his biological family. He had little to go on, other than the fact that he was born in Connecticut in 1967 and was adopted nine months later. Richard tried to contact the adoption agency, but all he could get was non-identifying information about his biological parents.

In November 2017, Richard watched a TV show where they mentioned DNA tests. He went online, did some research and decided to order a DNA kit from MyHeritage DNA.

Richard explains,

“Using DNA technology, I think, is fantastic. As an adoptee that opened new doors for me.”

A few weeks later when his results arrived, he got a first cousin match. He contacted her, and together they started to connect the dots that led to his half-brother Paul.

Richard and Paul reunited after not knowing each other for 51 years. They met last March at Paul’s house in Connecticut.

Richard is delighted to start this new chapter in his life. He said,

“I am excited to learn more about our family.”

Although Paul regrets that they didn’t have the opportunity to reunite with their mother, who passed away this past January, he remarks that there is still so much joy in meeting his half-brother after 51 years.

Richard and Paul's biological mom

Richard and Paul’s biological mom

“I do believe that our mom is happy that we are connecting now. Being reunited and spending the rest of our lives together, and sharing our families together, that’s the happy ending to the story.”

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  • Vivian Noel

    October 10, 2018

    I’d sure like to find my daughter. She’s 48 years old now. I’ve almost lost hope. I’ve done the DNA through My Heritage. I’m going to keep hope alive. Maybe you’ll der us on the show one day soon Lord bless.

  • Virginia hicks Freeman.

    December 12, 2018

    We had always gone by Hicks, which we love very much when I was 14 my grandmother told me a story saying that when she was present with my dad her husband, Ruff Vaughan took their 3 yr old daughter and ran away. When my father was married and had a son about 4yrs old his sister came to meet him and tried to tell him about their father. He kelp up with her and when she past most of my family attended her funeral. She and my dad were both born on July 4. I always wanted to hear about our relatives the Vaughn’s. Thru Ancestry dna I see that it is true. We are Vaughn’s so if anyone can fill us in on the Vaughn’s please do. I am so happy to see the name Vaughan pop up on Ancestry dna. Thank God for your org. We now know who we are. We are a close family but now we know the rest of the story, Thank you