"It was easy to trace my ancestors"
Ole Moustgaard, Denmark

Ole Moustgaard probably has the largest family tree in Denmark. Family has always meant a great deal to him. Now that only one of his four siblings is still alive, he is hard at work exploring the family’s rich past and preserving it on the massive tree he has built on MyHeritage.

When Ole began his family history journey, he only had access to parish records, which he could access by going to a physical archive. It was a long, slow process. He began to look for faster alternatives and found MyHeritage, where he was quickly able to trace his ancestors in a direct line back to the 1400s.

Ole comes from a long line of farmers, and he is proud of the discoveries he has made about his family. His biggest takeaway? You must learn from the past to understand your future. And Ole has been able to learn quite a lot, now that he has built a family tree with over 100,000 people.

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