"I found my sister when I least expected to"
Morgan Reynolds, Oregon

When Jennisara Sumiri first heard that her half-sister had been found, she couldn’t believe her luck.

My son said, ‘Mom, I think I may have found your sister.’ I said, ‘What? No…WHAT?’

Jennisara’s son Ted had taken a MyHeritage DNA test — and after looking at his results realized that he had an answer to a lifelong family mystery. He immediately telephoned his mother.

I think I found your sister!

Within hours, she was on the phone with her biological half-sister, Morgan Reynolds.

The moment I heard her voice on the phone, something clicked inside of me and I started crying.

They had tried to find one another all of their lives — if it weren’t for DNA tests, they would have never succeeded. Morgan was born in Seattle in 1952, to Ray Edward Reynolds and Leona Reynolds, gas station workers in Washington State. A year after Morgan’s birth, her parents divorced, and her father moved away. As a young child, Morgan discovered her dad had a daughter from a previous relationship and that the child was given for adoption.

Since I was 10, I knew that I had a sibling, but I also knew that I would never ever see her.

Jennisara, born in 1949, was raised by her adoptive parents. She always dreamed of meeting her biological family but didn’t think it was possible. Her son, Ted Melvin, was more optimistic. Ted created a family tree on MyHeritage, entering all the data available to him. He also ordered and completed a DNA kit.

Once their results came in, there was no question that Jennisara had found her half-sister.



After a month of speaking over the phone, the sisters decided to meet in person for the first time. The reunion took place at Jennisara’s home in San Francisco. The two women pored over images of their father, sharing memories and stories.

Their father, Ray Edwards, died years ago, as did both their mothers, and other family members of that generation. Although they have no one to ask about what happened in the past, the future is clear for both of them. Now that they have found one another, they never want to separate again.

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