"I feel more of a sense of belonging"
Mike Wilson, Oregon

Michael Wilson hails from Oregon. He spent years searching for information about his father. Mike had been a toddler of two years old when his parents divorced, and he’d last seen his father. A military man, Mike’s father, had left Mike’s mother, Mike’s sister, and Mike himself. Mike had tried to find his dad, but with no more than a name, he met with no success.

Then, one day in February of 2016, Mike saw a television ad for MyHeritage. He was intrigued by the possibility of family discoveries and joined MyHeritage on the off-chance that his family tree would indeed yield fruit. Immediately, Mike received a Smart Match from another MyHeritage family tree.


What emotional commotion when Mike realized that the match was to a family tree that included his father, though deceased since 2009. Mike contacted the site manager of that family tree to learn all he could about his father and the family overall, and in no time at all, Mike realized his contact was his half-brother. It was an exciting phone call, and Mike discovered that he didn’t have only one half-brother, but three half-siblings he’d never known existed.

Once the brothers connected, Mike and his sister continued to communicate with their new-found half-siblings. Both sides of the family were decidedly excited to discover each other and were eager to learn more about each other, their father, and their family history. Mike and his sister reside in Washington state; two half-siblings live in Indiana, and another in Arizona. Just in time for the holidays this past winter, they all gathered to meet in person for the first time. Watch their emotional meeting, and then see their meaningful visit to their father’s grave. Mike reports that he feels no anger towards his father — he’s only sorry about all the opportunities he’d missed before now.

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