I’ve been searching for my birth family since I was little. I was born in Romania and was ripped away from my family as a baby and put into an orphanage until I was about 5.. was adopted by a couple different families who really didn’t want me to begin with. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with lupus and it almost killed me. I have no clue who I am or who my family is. I know a little information like some birthdays and names. I’m 32 about to be 33 in January and I’m getting married to my beautiful partner Joni and the one thing that breaks my heart the most is I won’t have my family there to share and experience one of the most important and special days of my life. I did the pro bono dna kit to help me find my birth family and I haven’t heard anything or gotten any help. And I keep getting notified that I need to pay more money for information and I don’t have very much money. I can only work part time because of my lupus. Please help me find my family. I have gone through hell and back already and all I want is a family who loves me and shares dna and history. I’ve never had a mother. A real mother who loves you unconditionally someone who will protect you and hold you when your scared or upset. Please help me find my family