"I found my birth mother" Linda Kay Jepsen, Denmark

Since the early 1980s, Linda has been searching for her birth mother. Normally, this wouldn’t be very difficult in Denmark, a small country with in-depth official records and church registries. But for Linda, it proved impossible: her birth mother was all the way in Canada. Finding no information, Linda gave up.

A few years ago, Linda came across MyHeritage and created her family tree. Through MyHeritage, Linda found her own birth certificate, which listed her mother’s name. This was the first time she had encountered her own mother’s name.

From there, Linda found her mother’s birth certificate from Scotland, which listed her grandmother’s and grandfather’s names. When Linda added this information to her own family tree, she got a Smart Match™ to another tree on MyHeritage, and made an important discovery: her mother had two sisters. And her mother was still alive.

Linda decided to travel to Canada to reunite with her biological mother. At first worried about what it would be like to meet her birth family, Linda was amazed at how emotional and heartfelt the reunion turned out to be. She now plans on spending an extended visit in Canada to learn more about her family and spend valuable time with her aging birth mother.

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  • Milena

    October 18, 2017

    This is soo adorable!

  • Kimberly D Williams

    March 10, 2019

    I gave up a baby boy at his birth when I was 15 yrs old. I have somewhat kept personal information up to date with the home I was in at the time. Will this DNA test help me locate him?