"It filled a hole in my life" Kyle Gulden, New Jersey

Kyle Gulden, a US Army Veteran from New Jersey had been trying to find family members on his father’s side of the family since he was seven years old. Born in 1985, his mother got pregnant with him when she was stationed in Germany in the Air Force. He was later adopted, but with little information to go on, he never had any success in locating his father.

After completing a DNA test, Kyle received a MyHeritage DNA match of 3.4% to a first-second cousin once removed — Sheila Trevett. The cousins connected and not only did Kyle help Sheila find her father, but Sheila also helped Kyle finally find his long-lost family.

Sheila was also adopted at childhood. She found out who her mother is a few years ago when she got access to her adoption files. Her mother didn’t know who the father was. Based on only a few details Sheila created a family tree on MyHeritage with 128 people in it and a few branches on her paternal side. You can read Sheila’s full story here.

When Kyle and Sheila matched, Kyle told her that his father’s last name was Martin. Sheila was able to find him in her family tree.

I went instantly to go look at my big tree to try and figure out who his birth dad was. Then I found him!

Sheila also discovered that Kyle’s father had more children, making them Kyle’s half-siblings. One half-sibling passed away in a tragic accident in 2010, but they uncovered another sibling living in Arizona.

When Melissa Galatas, a 35-year-old nurse was contacted about having a half-brother in New Jersey, she was ecstatic. She never knew that she had other siblings.

After speaking on the phone for a few weeks, the wait was over, and they finally decided to meet each other at the end of July. It was well worth the wait. Melissa flew to New Jersey to meet her brother and nervously awaited meeting Kyle for the first time.

The two shared a hug and were finishing each other’s sentences only moments after they first laid eyes on each other.

Melissa is thrilled about her new family

It’s opened up a whole new lease on life for me. In addition to a brother, I now have two adorable nieces and a sister in law! I feel like I’m standing outside my body looking at someone else’s story unfolding.

Kyle and Melissa have 31 years of sibling teasing and catching up to do, but for the meantime, they are just so excited to have found each other. For Kyle, having a sister fills a real void in his life.

When I found out I had Melissa, it filled a hole and there’s definitely a strong connection there.

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  • SusanacChilquist

    January 11, 2018

    I am trying To find a son I gave up for adoption While stationed at Torrejon Air Force Base in Spain My birth record for the open adoption was is destroyed September 11, 2001 in New York. The embassy in Spain Could get no further than the courthouse in turn on that burned down with all the paperwork I Did not find out the family history for Huntington’s Disease until 1999 shortly before the record which destroyed There is now a cure for Huntington’s Disease but my son Must know that he and his family are at risk for the disease that has wiped out my entire family Your story has renewed my throat and I’ve taken a DNA test I wish you love and happiness

  • Brenda Birch

    January 11, 2018

    Just amazing. I think that is what I am
    secretly hoping for. Congratulations

  • Danice Ann bond oliver

    January 16, 2018

    I have two sisters and one brother for my father I cannot find dubert Bond sitting down