"I can ask all the questions I always wanted answers for." John Cummings, Oregon

John Cummings was adopted at birth, and was always curious about his biological family. When he contacted the California Department of Social Services to find out about his adoption, they gave him some paperwork, but the information it had was very basic and there were no names or contact details. After learning that he might have to go to the Supreme Court to get more details, he got discouraged and gave up.

Then, his wife bought him a MyHeritage DNA kit for Christmas.

His list of DNA matches included a biological cousin, Linda. John contacted her through the MyHeritage website, and together they connected the dots, eventually leading John to his half-sister Tiffany, half-brother Shagg, and his biological father, Rick.

After years of searching in vain, he had found his biological family within 2 days of receiving his results.

It turned out that Rick had been trying to find John for years, to no avail. “I had carried 48 years of guilt,” says Rick. “There is this one child that I was never going to see, or know if they were well.”

Not only did John and Rick finally find each other thanks to MyHeritage DNA — they lived only an hour’s drive away from each other, and even worked right across the street for a certain period of their lives!

“Without the DNA, that never would’ve happened, because I was not able to make that link,” says John. “At the beginning it was a bit overwhelming, but now it’s real fun. I can ask all the questions I always wanted to get answers for. Now I get to know about my heritage.”

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  • Laurie Elliott

    June 29, 2019

    About 7 months ago my you get half brother found me try your site. Due to Oregon’s release of original birth certificates I had located my maternal family but had no info on the paternal side. My brother contacted me Dec 2018. I was 62!

  • Dallas Winishut

    June 23, 2020

    Very interesting stories I know who my bioligical father is but never was clear on who he’s biological father was how could the DNA help me to find out?