"MyHeritage enabled my breakthrough" Joar Larsson Bø, Norway

Joar Larsson Bø’s mother was born in 1941 and grew up without her biological father. No one in the family knew anything about Joar’s grandfather, except for a first name and a possible surname.

The mystery intrigued Joar, and he turned to his family history in search for answers. Research on the name, however, did not produce any results.

Eventually, Joar discovered that he was searching for the wrong name. His grandfather’s name was different than he had thought, and his grandfather also had a middle name. Armed with this new information, Joar searched online and found not only his grandfather, but also an entire new branch of his family tree!


Joar’s grandfather, Alf Jakobsen, had a fascinating life. He had escaped from a German forced labor camp in 1942, and — via Sweden — finally made his way to England.

In England, he enlisted in the army and became part of a famous World War II-era battalion. Alf had fought side by side with the Russians to push the Nazi forces south and became a war hero.

Alf had died before Joar had a chance to meet him, but, through MyHeritage, Joar still managed to encounter his grandfather’s legacy. And not only that: MyHeritage matched him with a family tree that showed his late grandfather’s widow. He thought about it, and finally decided to get in touch with her.

Not long after they first talked, Joar got in contact with his grandfather’s son and two daughters: his new-found aunts and uncle.

Today Joar has a warm and close relationship with his new family. Despite the fact that they live in widely different parts of the country, they visit each other frequently. The family resemblance between them is plain to see.

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