"I never knew anything about them" Helen Chisholm, England

When Philip posted a family inquiry to the MyHeritage Community, he had no idea that his brief question would change his family forever.

Philip’s wife, Helen, never knew her biological family. She had been adopted as a baby in the U.K., and was raised as an only child by loving parents. Helen had a full and wonderful childhood and grew up to get married and establish her own home, but at the age of 63, the North Yorkshire woman remained curious whether she had any biological siblings.

In September 2016, Philip wrote the following to the MyHeritage Community:

The research team at MyHeritage was intrigued by this query and did a little digging. Soon, they responded to Philip with exciting news: Helen had no fewer than 7 half-siblings from the same birth mother, and while the woman was no longer alive, Helen’s aunt Edith, sister to her birth-mother, was alive and well.

The revelation surprised the seven siblings even more than it did Helen. On brother, Michael, was in complete shock.

I was completely gobsmacked

The siblings connected by phone and planned to meet in person soon, as all seven siblings live in Durham — only an hour’s drive from Helen’s home.

They had an emotional family reunion. For the first time, Helen was able to see a photo of her birth mother — and after a lifetime of being an only child, she now enjoys the warmth and love of her new-found family.

Philip’s question led to an extraordinary, life-changing discovery for Helen and the whole family.

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  • Tony Brady

    August 18, 2017

    Can I get this done for someone else? My daughter in law was adopted. Her adopted dad has died and her mother is up in years and not doing well. She has checked off and on online. Parents would never tell her anything and she didnt want to upset them. But she wants to know.

    • Esther Shuman

      August 20, 2017

      Hi Tony,

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      Esther / MyHeritage Team