Your story is heartwarming and so encouraging! I always knew I’d have a hard time finding my mother’s family because she was adopted at a young age. I found to my surprise, that I have had an easier time tracing the maternal side of her family who seem to be mostly from Ireland, Scotland & Wales, but that I can’t seem to trace my huge Norweigan family on my Father’s paternal side, and he was Not adopted. I found where his grandfather came into the U.S. & I can trace almost all of his maternal side back about 12 generations. But just as with my mother, the paternal side of each of my parents is missing! Your amazing story along with one other story I’ve heard, gives me renewed hope. I’d really like to find my missing family while my parents, who are in their eighties, are still living. I didn’t realize there was such a large void in my family & in my life until I started this journey. I wish you and your sister great joy and ever growing strength in your new family bonds. Thank you!