"It was unbelievable" Geoff Judges, England

After Geoff Judges’s father passed away, Geoff began to take an interest in his family history. In particular, he was curious about his father’s elder brother, who had died back in 1940. Geoff’s father never talked much about his brother, and neither did anyone else in the family. All Geoff had heard was that his uncle was liked by everyone who knew him, and that he was very athletic.

Mapping out his family tree, Geoff figured out that his uncle had married. It turned out that his uncle’s wife was half German, which was not well thought of at the time. Geoff’s uncle had also had a child in 1939.

After diligent research on MyHeritage, Geoff was able to trace this child — his close cousin — who had split from his mother’s family at age 16, when his mother remarried. Geoff contacted his newfound cousin, Tommy, now in his late 70s, and met him and his wife and son.

Not only has Geoff enriched his understanding of his family history, he was able to give his cousin a sense of connection to his family. Geoff introduced Tommy to some of his other cousins, and found paperwork written by his father to their mutual grandmother. Through his research, Geoff discovered that Tommy’s mother had changed his name from the original name on the birth certificate.

Geoff and Tommy now share a close bond.

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