"You’re not an island out here, you've got relatives."
David Anderson, Colorado

David Anderson was adopted at one month of age. Growing up in Grand Junction, Colorado, he experienced the thoughts and fears of many adopted children: that his family hadn’t wanted him, hadn’t wanted him to be part of the family. As an adult, he tried to find out more about his family and went to the hospital where he was born to look for records, but nothing turned up.

He took a MyHeritage DNA test wanting to know about his ethnicity. He had no idea that it might help him find his biological family.

Imagine his astonishment when his full biological sister, Misty De La Rosa, popped up in his results.

“It was an emotional experience,” David explained. “You know, not knowing that you have any siblings or anything like that and then all the sudden, within a real brief period of time, you find out that you’re not an island out here, you know, you’ve got relatives, you’ve got a huge family.”

Not only that, he discovered that his birth family lived quite nearby. His wife, Tammy, actually went to school with his sister!

Misty De La Rosa was raised in Denver, Colorado by her father along with four other siblings. She didn’t know that she had a younger brother who had been put up for adoption. “I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world, because I’ve been able to find and see that I have a brother. I have another part of me that I can be close to and that I can share our life together, because we missed out on it. I mean, I’m 62, and you know, that’s a long time to never know that you have a sibling.”

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