"It's given me a sense of belonging" Brian Campbell, British Columbia

Now retired and loving it, Brian Campbell was a travel agent and manager for over 40 years. His genealogical journey began with a small push from his daughter, and he hasn’t looked back since. He’s made some incredible discoveries, with the help of many people along the way.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, during the World War II, Brian married Sheila in that city, and the couple immigrated to Canada in 1969. He originally began researching his family history when his daughter Fiona gave birth to their first grandchild. Fiona wanted to know more about where the family came from, so she could tell her children about their family history.

Brian turned to MyHeritage to build his family tree. He loved the fact that you can invite other family members to the site, making research a collaborative effort. He learned many things along the way. He discovered that – prior to Queen Victoria’s reign – most people had huge families. One ancestor had 13 children! Another favorite find was that his ninth great-grandfather was The Duke of Argyll.

Using MyHeritage, Brain was able to trace his family tree back to 690 AD, and has created a wonderful legacy to pass on to his grandchildren and to future generations.

“I was thrilled to find that my ninth great-grandfather was, in fact, The Duke of Argyll!” writes Brian.

The most important thing that Brian has learned is that when it comes to family history research, you just have to go for it – and jump right in. You never know what you will uncover, but you’re sure to make some amazing discoveries. But you’ll never know until you begin!

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