"I made a priceless discovery"
Barbara Chase, California

A retired teacher, Barbara Chase lives in Rancho Cucamonga, California. She and her husband have raised two sons and she enjoys spending time with their two beautiful granddaughters. After receiving a large envelope of her mother’s handwritten letters from her brother, she began looking into her family’s history, and became fascinated by the thoughts and emotions expressed in the letters.

Barbara’s grandparents – and several generations back – are all from the United States. Several of her great-grandfathers served in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Before coming to America, her family came mainly from Ireland and Scotland. She hit a brick wall when researching her mother’s side. She had very little information to go on and no relatives to turn to.

Then Barbara received information that would change everything. Through a Smart Match, Barbara discovered another MyHeritage member with whom she shared great-grandparents. After contacting him, she discovered that her grandmother had previously unknown siblings. Through this revelation, Barbara has connected to relatives she wasn’t even aware existed. Her new-found cousin sent her copies of letters and photos of their shared ancestors.

“Working with MyHeritage has been an adventure for me, as it has brought to light so much information that had previously been unknown to me,” writes Barbara.

Through Record Matches and Smart Searches, Barbara has uncovered a wealth of information from various historical records. It has helped her fill in missing pieces, and resolved many road blocks.

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